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What is a saint?

Ready, "Catholic Saints description" a human being who has been called to holiness, and is generally one to whom has been attributed. And who has generally demonstrated a high level of holiness and sanctity. And is therefore not simply a believer, but one who has been unusually transformed and whose life and actions are considered to be inspirational.

The word Saint taken from the Latin word (sanctus)The word itself means “holy”. The term arose in Greek literature with the use of the word (hagios) Greek meaning “holy” or "holy one" . In the Old Testament, the term is used to describe people who have found favour with God. In the Old Testament, the cognate is the Hebrew word (qodesh),. In the New Testament, the term is used to describe the followers of Jesus of Nazareth.Have a peek at this Saints forum

During periods of Christianity, many people have prayed to Catholic Saints as intercessors, and communities developed strong rituals around them, adopting one or more as patron Saints of a locale or occupation.

Cathloic Saints List

St Aaron
St Abban
St Abban the Hermit
St abbo
St Abraham
St Acacius
St Acca
St Adalbert
St Adalgott
St Adamo abate
St Addai
St Adelaide
St Adelin
St Adeodatus
St Adomnan
St Adrian
St Aedesius
St Afan
St Afra
St Agapetus
St Agatha