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Welcome to Catholic Prayer Request.

People from across the world will be praying for you or your cause, from the United States, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, The United Kingdom, Ireland , Africa, Caribbean, Russia, China and Europe to name but a few will be praying for you or your request through the Catholic Prayer Request.

To put a prayer on the prayer request costs only $2.50 this is not for the prayer itself its the cost to takes put the prayer on the prayer request page. You can also have a candle light for your cause.

Select form the box below and when your finished paying you will be sent to a form were you fill in your prayer request.

Prayer Request Options

We will not post any request if there is offensive words used, the request may be worded to make easer reading but no request will be left out.

Your prayer request will be lifted up in prayer for 7 days by this point you will be prayed for by tens of thousands of Catholics across the world.
To Pray for the People on the prayer request please say this prayer

Prayer Request Prayer

We ask all our Guardain Angels and Saints, to hear the intentions of our Prayer Requests. Oh Angel of God their guardians dear to whom Gods love commits them here, ever this day be at their side to light to guard to rule and guide. Amen

Prayer Request List

First Name: Julio

Last Name: Eden

On Wed Aug 24 09:19:45 2011

Country: United States

What would you like the prayer request for: Please pray God to help me win the New Years Raffle this January 1 2012. This would mean a lot to me and to my family as we desperately need this. In God's hand i put my self and I believe it can be possible. As i try to beat depression and the negativity that surrounds me. Please pray for me and thanks. God Bless

on Sat Dec 17 00:06:19 2011

First Name: Nicole

Country: United States

What would you like the prayer request for: Please pray for my daughter Madison that she will be in good health and not need surgery. Please give us the guidance and knowledge to make the right decisions.

On Thu Aug 25 04:34:59 2011

First Name: EugeneLast Name: KelleherCountry: United StatesWhat would you like the prayer request for: To ask for God's protection against the evil that exists at my job

On Sat Aug 20 13:44:23 2011

First Name:Last Name:

Country: United StatesWhat would you like the prayer request for: John has been accepted into a very good school program that will allow him to build a better life for himself. He has tried hard to turn his life around, but some mistakes of his past might get on the way of the future. Please pray that everything works out so that he can complete his program. He is a good person with a very good heart and truly deserves this opportunity, God bless you and thank you.

Catholic Prayer Request

On Sat Aug 20 13:10:40 2011

First Name:Last Name:Country:What would you like the prayer request for: Please pray for me to get out of debt and get a full time job, also pray for my nephew to overcome his drug addiction and return to God

Catholic Prayer Request

On Thu Aug 18 13:23:02 2011

First Name: LindaLast Name: HamiltonCountry: United StatesWhat would you like the prayer request for: I need healing fordepression and bipolardisorder

Catholic Prayer Request

First Name: lana

Last Name: maguire

Country: U.S. Minor Outlying Islands

For my daughter maureen and mark her boyfriend and their little boy danny that they will marry.

Catholic Prayer Request

First Name:DMV

Please pray our home sells very quickly. Please pray W. and G. receive very good grades. Please pray all my family members are healthy, and receive many graces and blessings. Thank you. DMV

Catholic Prayer Request

First Name: Veronica

Country: United States

Pray for Donald to contact Veronica and get back together again soon

Catholic Prayer Request

First Name: a

Last Name: perozzi

Country: United States

Pray for my husband to stay sober from this day foward. Pray the his brother will turn out to be a good brother and to stop being abusive and they become close.

Catholic Prayer Request

First Name:

Last Name:


please,pray for my daughter.dear GOD,please help her in her daily needs.thank you.GOD bless you.

Catholic Prayer Request

sonia mcjunkin

Country: United States

My granny mrs willie waddellshe has alot of trouble with her kidneys & diabetes & loss of appettite. she wants others to pray for health to recover & for my aunt to stop ordering her around & trying to control everything.she was taken back to the hospital tonite they are worried that she will go into a diabetic coma.please pray for her to get well and healthy thank you


First Name: Shari

Last Name:

Country: United States

I ask that you would please pray for my 7 yr old son Zachary who finished treatment for a rare form of cancer 7 months afo, but at his last CT scan they saw spots on his lungs. Please pray that these are not a spread of cancer and that they no longer are there on his next scan 07-24-09. Thank you.


First Name: Elaine

Last Name: Marumo

Country: South Africa

Please pray for the good health, protection from all accidents, danger, evil, harm in all forms or design and all sources for me, my husband, my daughter, all family members and extended family members, friends and colleagues. I pray that my marriage is blessed and survives all the trials and tribulations that come with it. I also request prayers for my family's finances. My husband and are debt ridden and pray that we are delivered from debt, financial worries and constraints, our house is saved from repossession, our businesses that we have just started thrive, are successful and attract the right kind of clients and that we secure better paying jobs with better benefits. Please pray that my husband is healed from addiction to alcohol and cigarettes, that he is more responsible and that all his dreams and aspirations become a reality. I pray that my daughter grows up in the light of the Lord, that is becomes a responsible person who knows right from wrong and good and bad, and that all her wishes, dreams, aspirations are realised.

I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen


First Name: Xavier

Last Name: Wong

Country: Malaysia

Pray for me to get thru with my Business Financial.


First Name: AIDEN

Last Name: CARTIER

Country: United States


Catholic Prayer Request23.07.09

First Name: Scott

Last Name: Evanoski

Country: United States

I would like to pray for my wife, Rebecca King. She finds out today if she has cancer in the liver this day. I pray and please offer prayers that it is not. If it is, then Lord please grant her healing. May the Holy Spirit fill her with hope. Take away her worries and fears. Please give her the strength to face this challenege.

Answered Prayers

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Answered Prayers


There are indications that my depressed friend is improving and they have given up smoking.Also indications of the requested healing of a life.Thank the Lord.

On Sat Aug 20 20:54:46 2011

First Name: FrancisLast Name: RCountry: PhilippinesWhat would you like the prayer request for: Prayer request

I just wanted to Glorify and give thanks to God. helping me passed my Physician Licensure Exams,after several tries. Also I got a job, immediatelt after.Just Awesome. Thanks for the blessingsFrancis

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