Saint Abban TheHermit

Saint Abban the Hermit, Catholic Saint

Saint Abban the Hermit was once revered in Abingdon Oxfordshire, little is known about his life outside of what is found in the Chronicon Monasterii de Abingdon.

He was an Irishman who settled on Boar's Hill near Abingdon, after the reign of King Vortigern in the 5th century. His hermitage attracted groups of followers and, after his death, was superseded by the great Abbey in Abingdon.

His life is recorded in the Chronicon Monasterii de Abingdon which survives in a number of 13th century manuscripts; it is generally known that his name was invented to explain the toponymy of Abingdon, which is really named after a female, Aebbe, known for her church in Oxford. He is referenced in the Lives of the Irish Saints.

Born c. 5th Century

Died c. 5th Century

Venerated in Roman Catholicism

Canonized Pre-Congregation

Feast May 13

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