Saint Adeodatus I

Saint Adeodatus,catholic saint,Saint Adeodatus I

Pope Saint Adeodatus I or Deodatus I (which is Given by God in Latin, He was pope from 615 to 618.

Born in Rome, the son of a subdeacon. According to tradition, he was the first pope to use lead seals on papal documents called "papal bulls".

He is the first priest to be elected pope since John II in 533. He was a priest for 40 years prior and represents the second wave of anti-Gregorian challenge to the papacy, the first being that of Sabinian. He reversed the practice of his predecessor, Boniface IV, of filling the papal adminstative ranks with monks by recalling the clergy to such positions and by ordaining some 14 priests.

He was appointed Pope on the 13th November 615, and was distinguished for his charity and zeal. He encouraged and supported the clergy, who were impoverished in consequence of the political troubles of the time and when his diocese was visited by a violent earthquake and leprosy he set a heroic example by his efforts to relieve the suffering.

His feast occurs 8 November.

Papacy began November 13, 615

Papacy ended November 8, 618

Predecessor Boniface IV

Successor Boniface V

Birth name Deusdedit, son of Stephen

Born ???

Rome, Italy

Died November 8, 618

Rome, Italy

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