Roman Catholic Saints

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Roman Catholic Saints, Painting above: Dutch Book of Prayers from the mid-fifteenth century. Group of five saints.

Welcome to the saints list, saints names. Did you know there is more than 10,000 of them, So it may take some time for me to wright about them all. I will start with some of the more known ones and then some of the more unknown with the story, history and information of there life and when and how they died.

We also have a calendar of there feast days listed for the day on which they are venerated(Coming Soon)

The list:

Saint Lucy

Life of Saint joesph

Catholic Saint Helena

Saint Elmo

Saint adele

Saint Nicholes history

Saint Christina

Martin de Porres

St Elizabeth

St Maria Goretti

St for kids

St of the catholic church

Finished with Roman Catholic Saints take me to catholic prayer