Saint Acacius

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Saint Acacius was Bishop of Amida, Turkey in 400-425 AD. At that time, there were seven thousand Persian prisoners who were captured by the Romans and held in Amida. At the sight of these men perishing from hunger and misery, he was determent to help them,

he assembled his clergy and addressed them: "Our God, my brethren, needs neither dishes nor cups; for He neither eats nor drinks, nor is in want of anything. Since then, by the liberality of its faithful members the Church possesses many vessels both of gold and silver, it behooves us to sell them, that by the money thus raised, we may be able to redeem the prisoners and also supply them with food. Acacius sold all golden and silver sacred vessels of his church and ransomed, clothed and fed the seven thousand.

The ransomed captives returned to Persia, they told their ruler of the great deeds performed by Acacius. This impressed the Sassanid Emperor and he ordered an end to the persecution of the Christians. His kindness and charity helped stop the fighting between the Eastern Roman Empire and the Sassanid Empire, and Christianity was able to spread and flourish for a while in these areas witch were controlled by the Sassanid Persians.

His feast day is celebrated on April 9 (Roman Martyrology).

Born unknown

Died 425 AD, Amida Turkey

Venerated in Roman Catholic Church

Feast April 9 (Roman Martyrology)

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